Sunday, February 27, 2011

SMARTBRO WebConnect is Useless (a testimonial)

Have you ever tried connecting to to lodge a request about your SmartBro account? I did. See below snapshot of SmartBro webconnect, showing an option to request activation or deactivation.

Type of Request: Service Activation / Deactivation

Unfortunately, this service sucks! Your requests will just be recorded in their system but you will never get an update/feedback (though they asked for your email address). Maybe they just compile requests...and nothing else.

After waiting for a few days for Smartbro to process my request, there's not even a single feedback received. I called their customer service and found out that such requests can only be processed on the branches, hence you must go to the wireless center to request deactivation of service!

I never imagined that SmartBro --an internet provider--don't have the capacity to entertain service requests via their Web Connect!

Sooooooooooooo third world!!!